Connected Home : The Gadget Buzz, TV3’s Seven O’Clock Show

We’re keen on connecting everything; not just us, but as a society and  the Internet of Things is slowly bringing connectedness to everything from the interior and engines of our cars to our light-bulbs and switches and on to our central heating and the controls that make our homes cosier, and safer.



In last Friday’s Gadget Buzz segment on TV3’s Seven O’Clock Show, David Atkinson explained the concept of the Connected Home to Lucy and Martin, and discussed Nest’s Smart Thermostat, while George McMahon and Bobby Kerr got their hands on the D-Link Smart Home Products and a viewer won a D-Link Connected Home starter kit.

Smart-watches : Gadget Buzz on The 7 O’Clock Show

On last Friday’s Gadget Buzz segment on TV3′s The Seven O’Clock Show, David Atkinson joined Lucy Kennedy and Martin for the usual Gadget Buzz round-up.

Smart-watches, and smarter TV

This week, in light of Apple’s Watch announcement, we looked at what’s currently available in the wearable and smart-watch sector: the LG G Watch for Android and the Martian Passport, an iOS and Android compatible notification watch. But if you like teh idea of being connected with a wearable device, but without the price-tag of a smart-watch, maybe the a fitness and sleep tracker is an easy entry into the digital lifestyle, so we looked at teh FitBug Orb.

7 O’Clock Show & The Gadget Buzz

In February TV3 moved their flagship afternoon show Late Lunch Live to a prime-time evening slot, 7pm, Monday to Friday, hosted by Lucy Kennedy and Martin King.

“Creating a live interactive Irish show in peak is something that is long overdue. The 7–8pm hour is a time of day where people are unwinding after their day’s work, and we’ll have the perfect combination of chat and laughter that will ease them into their evening.”
 – Victoria Quinn, TV3 group head of daytime

As part of the new format each Friday, David Atkinson sits down with Martin and Lucy, and talks about tech, gadgets and what’s happening online. The Gadget Buzz segment on The 7 O’Clock Show has already covered smart watches, Fitness Trackers and a host of useful gadgets for the home, or the back pocket and coming up on March 20th, the Connected Home.

FitBug Launch

FitBug launched in 2005 and were one of the first companies to enter the fitness tracker market.

Founded by former Management Consultant and fitness enthusiast Paul Landau with the early backing of the entrepreneurs behind Holmes Place International (Allan Fisher) and LA Fitness (David Turner) plus a team of experts at the helm including Fergus Kee (previously Managing Director of BUPA, who was appointed Executive Chairman in 2011, Fitbug has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals.

Fitbug wanted to launch their product in Ireland and Andy O’Donoghue from Beaumex led the initiative in the Irish market with a broad geographic product launch, focussed on three key products; the FitBug Orb, the WoW Bluetooth smart-scales and most recently FitBug’s revolutionary health & wellbeing plan KiK. FitBug products were featured across a number of television and radio programs, with give-aways, reviews as well as significant in-store and social audience promotion leading to unprecedented consumer engagement.

FitBug is available nationwide at stores like Tesco, Heaton’s Sportsworld, SuperValu and leading pharmacies like Sam McAuley.