Healthy, Happy: Tech

Wearable is more, much more than just counting your steps. On this week’s Gadget Buzz segment on TV3 we looked at three elements of how technology is helping you to keep track, and stay in shape.

The HappiFork caused a stir when it made it’s appearance at CES but it’s no longer just a novelty device with research showing that it leads to changes in habit that make a real difference.

The Withings Smart scales continues teh theme with body fat analysis, weight and BMI measurement and – it recognises which member of the family is standing on it, all while keeping an eye, or a sensor on the C02 levels in the room.

And David tries out the best looking smart-watch on the market – the Motorola Moto 360. But this isn’t just another smart-watch; firstly it looks fantastic, but as well as tracking your activity and calorie burn it also keeps an eye on your heart rate and provides a weekly overview supplemented with advice and reports from the Moto Body service.

A packed show – packed with goodness though.

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